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“It's been several years now since I first visited Artrageous Arts and began my journey of love for Mosaics. My knowledge and creativity have grown incredibly since then.
    Anne is a very patient, talented and knowledgeable teacher and has really helped me to open my mind to see that there is really no limit to what you can achieve. Anne's always readily available to answer any questions and to help in any way that's needed.
    I look forward to going to Mosaic Club every week, not only to work on a piece, or start a new piece, but also on a social level. It has been beneficial to me as a full-time worker in a very busy world.
    There's never a shortage of welcoming encouragement from Anne and everyone at Artrageous Arts."
 ... Mary-Lou Morris

“I've been attending the Artrageous Arts Articipate program for approximately ten years and supported a client to participate in the various activities.
     I've always found the activities interesting and the volunteers very willing to lend a hand. The
 program has always been inclusive and clients and careers alike, enjoy their time learning new skills and working on some old ones." ... Debbie Mazlin

“My first impulse on moving to Brighton, QLD from Perth three years ago was to find a social setting with like-minded people to form new friendships. I was looking for an unstructured, open, creative group that wasn't too serious and lofty-minded with their arts/crafts. 
     Happy to say I found a small, welcoming and warm group of women (and one lovely man) who have been very friendly and supportive and I enjoy attending [CreArtive Space] every Wednesday and Friday mornings for creative endeavours and a happy chit-chat, a cuppa, scones and a song!
" ... Verna Champion

“I love Artrageous. Anne is absolutely amazing. The space is welcoming and the garden courtyard spectacular. I've been going for over a year on Wednesdays and Fridays [CreArtive Space].
     I mostly colour in as i find it very relaxing though I've dabbled in acrylics and will again.
     Everyone is supportive and encouraging and I highly recommend Artrageous. It is unique.
" ... Gabriella

"After retirement, I looked at pursuing a number of hobbies that I wished to undertake including painting. I joined a number of art groups but found that I wanted to learn a lot more about this interesting subject. Approximately two years ago, I discovered by chance Artrageous Arts and Artist in Residence, Shane Rodwell.
     During this time, Shane has generously shared his vast knowledge in the world of painting including some of the following techniques: Composition, Perspective, Brush Strokes, Colour Mixing (of which I am still learning) and relationships of lines, shapes and form.
     As a learner, I've found Shane to be very patient, understanding and willing to answer any of the numerous questions I bring along each week. He's given me the confidence to undertake a large canvas and to sign my name to any of my finished works (something I couldn't do when i first started as I felt that they weren't good enough).
     I would recommend to anybody starting out or even experienced painters to give Shane's classes a go and perhaps discover the answers to your questions on painting.
     The friendly class members are also willing to share their knowledge and experience during our weekly sessions." 
 ... Mike M

"I consider myself lucky to have joined Shane Rodwell's Thursday painting sessions. I started to paint after retirement, having had no art experience previously. i tried a few classes here and there, and was struggling with my 4th or 5th painting when I cam to Artrageous. Under Shane's guidance, I have now received recognition at public showings and art competitions.
     Shane readily shares his vast knowledge of art techniques and history, and seems to be able to aim his advice to each participants' personal level. His attention to details helps to create better results each week.
     I readily recommend Shane's workshops to anyone who wants to learn to paint successfully." 
 ... Peter Davies

"I have been coming to Artrageous for over nine years. Initially, a friend's glowing reports had encouraged me to join. Then, as I attended, first drawing and now painting in acrylics, art classes became a must!
     Over the years, it has been the tutoring and encouragement, as well as helpful suggestions by Shane, our artist/teacher. that have been the reason I have found the weekly class so enjoyable and worthwhile.
     I had never been an artist but I have learned so much and continue to do so. The social aspect is valuable and make Thursday's a real treat.
     Thank you so much Shane!" 
 ... Tricia SR

“I have been affiliated with Artrageous since moving to the area almost 20 years ago. The Pete Martin and Michael Wilcox workshops were especially informative.
     I have benefited greatly from my Thursday sessions with Artist in Resident, Shane Rodwell. He has shared unselfishly his knowledge of painting, drawing, colour and composition. In fact, everything I know about my craft has been learnt from Shane.
     Artrageous is a welcoming and loving environment. I highly recommend it.”
... Sandra Walshe

“I have been coming to Artrageous since late 2011. I had recently retired and needed something to do to fill in time. I have always wanted to paint and so I decided first to volunteer. That lasted six months and then I decided I wanted to join the painting group which I did in 2012.
     I have only really wanted to paint. I have tried some craft and mosaics with Anne. However, I decided painting was my Love.
Shane is a qualified art teacher and his style of teaching suits me fine. He allows the 'learners' to choose what they want to paint and lets them have a go. He then works with individuals to point out where they need to remediate their work and makes suggestions to improve it.
My work has improved so much that I was chosen as 'Artist of the Month' in The Sandgate Guide booklet.
I recommend anyone interested in painting and drawing to come to Shane's classes. If your talents lie with craft activities, we have many wonderful craft activities run by Anne Gadsby to choose from.”
... Carol Keates

“I have been coming to Artrageous Arts for four years. I was drawn here because I wanted to improve my painting skills. Shane is laid back but good and has a good eye.
     I feel I've grown because I get to try different styles for expansion. I recommend Artrageous Arts to anyone wanting to explore their creativity.”
... Keith Carroll

“I have been attending Artrageous Arts for 5 years after a friend recommended the Thursday morning art class. I had not painted or done any form of art for 10 years due to work, etc. I had lost confidence in my work and Shane Rodwell (Artist in Residence) has encouraged and directed me to where I am really enjoying the experience. I have also attended the Saturday Mosaic Club and enjoyed it immensely.
     It is a very social environment, and I would recommend to anyone interested in art and social interaction.”
 ... CC

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