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“I've been affiliated with Artrageous for approximately eight years.


I accompany my clients to the Articipate program run by Anne Gadsby. Articipate is great for clients as it involves learning new skills, socialising and participating in community activities.


Anne and Shane have been great. Anne has a lot of knowledge with all things 'crafty' and Shane's given me ideas on how to be more creative in my own endeavours.


I would thoroughly recommend Artrageous Arts.”                   

... Debbie Mazlin

“I have been affiliated with Artrageous since moving to the area almost 20 years ago. The Pete Martin and Michael Wilcox workshops were especially informative.


I have benefited greatly from my Thursday sessions with Artist in Resident, Shane Rodwell. He has shared unselfishly his knowledge of painting, drawing, colour and composition. In fact, everything I know about my craft has been learnt from Shane.


Artrageous is a welcoming and loving environment. I highly recommend it.”                   

... Sandra Walshe

“I have been coming to Artrageous since late 2011. I had recently retired and needed something to do to fill in time. I have always wanted to paint and so I decided first to volunteer. That lasted six months and then I decided I wanted to join the painting group which I did in 2012.


I have only really wanted to paint. I have tried some craft and mosaics with Anne. However, I decided painting was my Love. Shane is a qualified art teacher and his style of teaching suits me fine. He allows the 'learners' to choose what they want to paint and lets them have a go. He then works with individuals to point out where they need to remediate their work and makes suggestions to improve it.

My work has improved so much that I was chosen as 'Artist of the Month' in The Sandgate Guide booklet.

I recommend anyone interested in painting and drawing to come to Shane's classes. If your talents lie with craft activities, we have many wonderful craft activities run by Anne Gadsby to choose from.”

... Carol Keates

“I have been coming to Artrageous Arts for four years. I was drawn here because I wanted to improve my painting skills. Shane is laid back but good and has a good eye.


I feel I've grown because I get to try different styles for expansion. I recommend Artrageous Arts to anyone wanting to explore their creativity.”

... Keith Carroll

“I have been attending Artrageous Arts for 5 years after a friend recommended the Thursday morning art class. I had not painted or done any form of art for 10 years due to work, etc. I had lost confidence in my work and Shane Rodwell (Artist in Residence) has encouraged and directed me to where I am really enjoying the experience. I have also attended the Saturday Mosaic Club and enjoyed it immensely.


It is a very social environment, and I would recommend to anyone interested in art and social interaction.”

... CC