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About Us

Artrageous Community Arts and Crafts Centre (aka Artrageous Arts) is under the management of Artrageous Sandgate Community Arts Centre Association Inc, t/a Artrageous Sandgate Community Arts Centre Association Inc.


Artrageous Arts was originally a creative initiative of a group of locals with the intent to bring together a growing community of artists within the Sandgate and outlying regions.

Since opening it's doors in November 1999, Artrageous Arts has established itself as a not-for-profit, incorporated and self-funded community organisation, to our know-ledge, the only on of its kind in Australia. Artrageous Arts is also a registered charity. The organisation is managed through a volunteer-based Committee of Management.

Artrageous Arts has grown and continues to grow through active community participation. The daily management of the centre is coordinated by our Artists in Residence, Anne Gadsby and Shane Rodwell.

We also coordinate weekly and monthly activities, specialty classes and workshops which are facilitated for the public either by our Artists in Residence, our volunteers or specialist artists at our multipurpose venue.

See our full list of events on our Activities Programme section.


Artrageous Arts was nominated for the 2019 Queensland Volunteer Award by a member of the public.

Artrageous has received Certificates of Appreciations from numerous organisations over the years for contributing to special events, projects and student placements. Some of these organisations include: Make A Wish Australia, Queensland Rail, Sandbags, Australian Catholic University, Brackenridge High School, Northside Christian College and more.

Committee of Management

Members include:

-- Gary Langley, President

-- Gay Hughes, Secretary

-- Gayle Abel, Treasurer

-- Rhonda Campbell, CreAtive Space Coordinator

-- Anne Gadsby, Artist in Residence

-- Shane Rodwell, Artist in Residence


Our current volunteers are our greatest asset!

-- Mary and Bill Jones

-- Karen Williamson

-- Rhonda Campbell

-- Panayiota Harmantzis

-- Gay Hughes


Fundraising is a necessary and integral aspect of the preservation of Artrageous Arts.

Some fundraising samples include: our Mosaic Club (which has been running for ten years, Articipate, CreArtive Space, venue hire, trivia nights and performance events.


Gallery 4017 hosts, on average, ten exhibitions a year. Regular yearly exhibitions include the 4017 Community Exhibition in July and the Mosaics Club Exhibition in August. These are valuable income sources that showcase the work of creatives at competitive rates.

We also participate in the 'Containers for Change' recycling programme as initiated by the Queensland Government. If you'd like to donate to Artrageous using 'Containers for Change, click here for more details.


Artists in Residence

Anne and Shane Photo 1.jpg

Two of Artrageous Arts' most committed volunteers are Anne Gadsby (left) and Shane Rodwell (right), both Artists in Residence.

Anne Gadsby

Nominated for 2019 Queensland Volunteer Award, Anne's contribution to Artrageous Arts is quite extensive.

In 2002, Anne identified a need for a creative outlet to include marginalised people. Those with limited motor skills, poor verbal skills or who are non-verbal requiring custom-ised activities beyond the 'standard' Disability Services regime ... and so 'Articipate' was born.


Organisations who rely on our Articipate include Disability Services Qld, MultiCap, Blue Care Qld, Centre Care and Bernie Brae.

In addition, for the past six years, Anne has successfully run the Mosaic Club as an ongoing fundraiser for Artrageous. From beginners to advanced, many come together on a weekly basis creating beautiful and unique garden art as well as diverse art pieces which can be used functionally or decoratively.

Gallery 4017 has seen Anne as it's curator since it's 10th birthday. Anne ensures all works are hung with respect and flair.

One additional thing that can be said about Anne is how much she enjoys the garden. She, along with many of our patrons have enhanced our garden with bits and pieces made out of throwaways, recycling and upcycling what-ever's been available.

Shane Rodwell

Shane has been teaching drawing and painting for over 25 years. He has taught for TAFE NSW, Port Macquarie and Kempsey campuses as well as Djigai Aboriginal Centre for Excellence. He has also facilitated many short drawing courses for Brisbane community organisations. He has also worked on many community art projects including murals.


Shane believes, ‘Anyone can draw. All you need is to learn to see again.” His lessons are based on developing technical and observational skills.

Shane's expertise also extends into the performing arts where he has designed stage settings and costumes for many production companies. His experience includes perfor-mance and direction. He also has had many years of experience in Commercial Design.

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